We convert your parts in 3D

High accuracy measurements for different sectors

At Ikustec we are specialized in measuring all types of industrial parts with the highest level of accuracy.

We carry out measurements for quality and production departments of all types of industrial sectors: Food, automotive, aeronautics, biotechnology, cosmetics, glass, foundry and iron and steel, wood and cork, cosmetics and many others.

How do we scan a part?

We capture the data of any part using a 3D scanner to obtain a three-dimensional mesh and convert it into a manipulable digital file to achieve reverse engineering, metrology, CAD design or 3D printing.

First, we study the part to be scanned and define the level of accuracy and resolution required, always based on your needs, to obtain the best possible quality mesh. We have high-tech data acquisition systems with which we can achieve the precision required for each object.

From the 3D scan of a physical part, we obtain a CAD file. This file contains ruled geometric shapes that can be worked on, redesigned and modified. We make sure that the CAD file that we deliver to the client meets the required requirements.